Green Infrastructure Guidelines Certification Program

Green Infrastructure Guidelines Certification Program


Online Course / 16 hours



This program outlines the range of "Green" possibilities available in Infrastructure. Special consideration has been given to urban variables, such as scale, age, and proximity. Consideration has also been given to the type of infrastructure work addressed in order to illustrate practices that promise the most benefits.

It is for those involved in Infrastructure planning, design, construction and maintenance. After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Assess sites and identify opportunities to implement Best Management Practices (BMP’s)including soil testing, hydrologic analysis, vegetation assessment, and invasive species evaluation
  • Have working knowledge of a template for design and implementation of Green Building concepts applicable to cities and municipalities.
  • Understand pavement lifecycles, pervious vs. impervious pavement, albedo or reflectivity of pavement, pavement materials, devising a materials program, and different material applications.
  • Understand mechanisms to affect right-of-way construction by private utilities, technology to minimize pavement damage and degradation, and the upgrades to utility installation and maintenance.
  • Understand integrated stormwater management planning, water pollution prevention, construction runoff prevention, surface pre-treatments for filtering runoff, catch basin inserts and water quality inlets, detention and infiltration structures, and constructed wetlands.
  • Understand construction practices such as site protection, plan development, protecting water sources and planted areas, developing waste management and recycling plans, and minimizing construction and recycling impacts.


  • Green Infrastructure 1: Introduction to High Performance Guidelines
  • Green Infrastructure 2: Best Practices for Site Assessment
  • Green Infrastructure 3: Best Practices for Streetscape
  • Green Infrastructure 5: Best Practices for Utilities
  • Green Infrastructure 6: Best Practices for Stormwater Management
  • Green Infrastructure 7: Best Practices for Landscape
  • Green Infrastructure 8: Best Practices for Construction Practices
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